‘Using our knowledge and experience to improve performance is the foundation of our business; enabling our clients to deliver the Right Work, at the Right Time and in the Right Way’

Sean O’Kane, Director

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Shutting any operating facility down, however necessary, interrupts the normal heartbeat of the asset, interrupts revenue streams and removes the asset from its normal mode of operation.

Performing essential work in support of license to operate, process safety and/ or plant reliability in a safe, cost effective and schedule efficient way is key to delivering maximum value in return for this significant business investment.

Delivering value from your Shutdown, Turnaround or Outage (STO) work requires focus and commitment to deliver the Right Work, at the Right Time and, in the Right Way.

Key benefits:

  • Reduction in downtime for planned works
  • Improved plant reliability and operating efficiency
  • Demonstrated plant integrity & safety
  • Reduced maintenance costs

About Us

Capacitate Consulting Limited provide specialist consultant services in support of safe & efficient delivery of Shutdowns, Turnarounds (TAR) & Outages (STO) based on many years of direct experience both in the field and in a supporting SME capacity with a global Operator. While our consultant experience comes from the oil & gas sector, the transferable skills and understanding needed to improve performance are relevant in many fields where the safe and efficient delivery of complex activity is paramount.

We are experienced in all things STO and committed to supporting your own improvement journey in this area. We recognise the cost of planned shutdowns to your business and can help you reduce the impact both strategically and tactically while maintaining the necessary focus on maintaining plant integrity, reliability, and availability.

At Capacitate, we pride ourselves on providing a responsive & flexible service focussed on our Customer needs. From strategic reviews to tactical delivery support and readiness assurance, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements. Further details of our various offers can be found on the services page.


Capacitate Consulting Limited are delighted to offer a full range of services in support of Shutdowns, Turnarounds (TAR) & Outages including:

Improving current asset strategy or developing from scratch with a focus on optimising the planned offline work for your asset. We can provide independent review of new or emerging plans and assist in the validation of key driving activity, event frequency and typical duration as the foundation of your strategy.

We offer independent review and assessment of your existing process providing insights and suggestions for improvement. Where absent, development of your company specific process based on recognised good practise is offered providing fit-for-purpose process, procedures, and associated tools & guidance to support your STO activity. Templates & tools supplied or developed as required.

We can provide a tailored solution to independent assurance & readiness assessments based on the complexity and timing of your events. These provide a valuable independent & experienced ‘cold-eye’ view of your readiness and the areas of required attention to underpin safe and efficient delivery. We would normally suggest a multi-review approach recognising the changing focus as your event approaches. For Upstream assets we are happy to offer this service on a fixed cost basis should this be of interest.

We aim to support you to create the right environment for success throughout the full planning cycle, helping align your organisation around the desired outcomes.

We can advise on appropriate fit for purpose process, tools and templates allowing effective monitoring of progress and readiness throughout.

We can provide guidance to your Gatekeeper and Steering Committee on effective leadership of STO activity and their impact on success and support as necessary through key decisions, milestones, and risk & opportunity management.

Through our engagement we strive to enhance both predictability and performance for your delivery throughout the process.

We offer a full support service related to scope management. Getting value from the scope delivered relies on robust selection and optimisation prior to freeze. Once frozen establishing a culture of ‘no-change’ is one of the key challenges experienced. Throughout, we can provide challenge and support to ensure scope selected delivers robust value to your business.

We are happy to provide mentorship and coaching suitable for individuals new in role or in development roles as a stand-alone offer or as part of one or more of our other service offers.

The effectiveness of Leadership is a key contributor to both safety and business outcomes, and we can provide active coaching to leaders & Steering Committees as required

Learning from mistakes, near-misses, and positive outcomes is essential to support any improvement journey. We can provide facilitation and challenge to assist the identification and prioritisation of key learnings for embedding in your future plans.

We are also happy to offer services to carry out independent analysis of outcomes (deep-dives), identifying underlying causal factors and supporting you in establishing a plan to prevent recurrence where this is warranted. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

We are available to provide Consultancy services in support of your works. Given our deep understanding of Operator requirements, we believe we can add significant value to your bid and tender preparation helping differentiate you from your competition. Available as a partner if mutual opportunities exist or through a simple SME engagement where you need independently review or input for your product or offer.

For a specific request or related service not listed, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Geographical Experience

COVID-19: At Capacitate Consulting, we are committed to working safely and responsibly at all times. During the current disruption caused by COVID-19 we are delivering our services remotely wherever possible.


How We Work

Engage – Enable – Improve – Three simple words to describe the way we want to work with you. These aspire to:


The creation of effective working relationships and development of trust. Aligned objectives and common understanding of requirements


The support and collaborative nature required to deliver a successful outcome for all


Sustainable business benefits from the value we provide and create together

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